8-Week Advanced Workout Plan


8-Week advanced workout plan perfect for anyone looking to take their results to the next level.


After the successful release of my Beginner 8 Week Workout Plan, many of you asked for the next level and I am happy to present my newest ebook!


 8-Week Advanced Workout Plan
Only $7.99!

This 8-week advanced plan is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Inside you’ll find over 75 different workouts! These usually take about 30-60 minutes with very little equipment required (at most a set of dumbbells). The emphasis here is hitting the workouts hard – we’ll work on shredding your arms, abs, legs, and just about everywhere in between! The perfect transition into “phase 2” of this program for anyone looking to step things up a notch.


My sister-in-law Elyse completed this program after having her last baby and it helped her lose 35 pounds. To read about her experience, CLICK HERE.




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